Author Interview & TRIPLE Book Giveaway: Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Author and astrologer, Hazel Dixon-Cooper, visits Writers Inspired today bearing gifts! Three times the prizes and three times the fun, Hazel is graciously donating  three books from her ROTTEN DAY series Work on a Rotten Day, Born on a Rotten Day and Love on a Rotten Day.

Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Hazel Dixon-Cooper has been a professional astrologer for more than twenty-five years, and is the author of the internationally bestselling Rotten Day astrology book series.

She writes the daily horoscopes for, Cosmo Mobile for your cell phone, and a weekly horoscope for Cosmo Radio: Sirius channel 111 and XM channel 162.

She is a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers and teaches astrology workshops. She can be reached by email by clicking here

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Interview by:  Mary Jo Campbell

MJC:  Tell us about your background in astrology: when did you get your “sign” that this was the career for you? Any formal training/classes?

HDC:  Thank you, Mary Jo, for asking me to visit Writers Inspired.

I’ve been interested in astrology since I was a teen. I read every astrology how-to book I could find and began to cast charts for friends and relatives. Later, I studied astrology through the American Federation of Astrologers.

MJC:  You write the horoscopes for the Magazine Motherload for women: Cosmopolitan! How did you hook up with Cosmo? And did this job lead you to writing and publishing your Rotten Day series books?

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HDC:  Actually, it was the other way around. My publicist at Simon & Schuster sent a copy of my first book, BORN ON A ROTTEN DAY, to Cosmo’s book editor for a possible review in the magazine. I didn’t get the review. However, he was looking for a new astrology writer, liked my writing style, and invited me to audition for the column. It was perfect timing. And, yes, it was in my stars. My chart for that time period indicated a huge turning point in my career.

My first column was May, 2003 and my final print column was in the January, 2010 issue. I will continue to write the online daily horoscopes for, which are also available through Cosmo Mobile, their cell phone product. I also write a weekly horoscope for Cosmo Radio, Sirius/XM.

MJC:  Your Rotten Day series books are known for no holds-barred advice and a heaping dose of humor. Can you share with us the stages of your writing project? Take us through the idea and planning, drafting and revising and, finally, the publishing and promoting stages.

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HDC:  The idea for BORN ON A ROTTEN DAY grew out of a weekly horoscope I was writing for a local news magazine. It had the same humorously skewed perspective and had received good feedback from readers. One day, my friend Bonnie Hearn Hill and I were brainstorming and the idea popped into my head. What if I wrote an astrology book? But instead of from the usual naval-gazing, “you’re so great,” perspective, it would be from the “you’re rotten and so is everyone you know” angle? I was attending Bonnie’s writing workshop at the time and she helped me put together a killer proposal that landed my first two-book deal.

From idea to published book is a long process. On average it takes 12 to 18 months from the time the deal’s made until the book reaches the book stores. The Rotten Day series books are approximately 55,000 words each and a typical timeframe begins with a four-to-six month deadline to write the manuscript. Each editor is different. Some want to see chapters as the work progresses and some let you write the entire manuscript first. I’ve written both ways.

After it’s delivered to the acquiring editor, he or she makes edits and suggestions then returns the manuscript to the author for revisions and/or comments. Next, the copyeditor line edits it for grammar, punctuation, and also checks the accuracy of quotes, and various facts. Then it’s back to the author for a final look to approve the corrections.

While this process is going on, sales, marketing, and publicity kick into gear, cover art is designed, and a release date is set. Each step has a deadline. It’s like being on a conveyor belt and each area has to do its part to get the finished book out on time. It’s critical that the author meets every deadline. Turning in a late manuscript or revisions can delay publication by months. You have to remember that yours is one of many books in this process and you don’t want to be sent to the end of the publishing line by missing a deadline.

In today’s economy, publishers have smaller PR budgets and fewer staff. Authors must be willing to self-promote to help their books succeed. The blog tour is becoming hot. This is a faster and easier way to reach potentially huge audiences than hitting the road on an old fashioned book tour. Social networking is crucial. Author websites, FaceBook fan pages, and Twitter, are a few examples. My publishers have set up radio tours for me, which are my favorite. I love to talk to people and radio is easy and fun.

MJC:  How can writers benefit from knowing and following their astrological sign?

HDC:  Knowing your Sun sign is helpful in understanding how your creative processes work, plus any possible obstacles you’d face during the creative process. I’m a Pisces and I can be a procrastinator, which is a challenging trait of a Pisces Sun. I know I work better on a deadline so I try to set daily goals to keep myself on track. Learning about your astrological sign can help you be aware of its common strengths and weaknesses.

Of course not every Fish procrastinates, just as not every Aries Ram is wildly impulsive, or Taurus Bull, judgmental. You are much more than your Sun sign and the best way to learn about you is to have a professional consultation. Your natal chart is a map of your unique individuality. Astrology is a wonderful self-knowledge tool that helps you discover your hidden potential and understand your specific talents and challenges.

In fiction, knowing the signs of your characters can help bring them to life. I think Scarlett O’Hara was an Aries, maybe with a Leo Moon. She was hot-tempered, loved the spotlight, and had the inner strength and bad-girl traits of both of those signs.

When Bonnie developed her idea for her wildly popular new YA series, Star-Crossed, the first thing she did was figure out each character’s Sun sign. Plus, she’s a multi-tasking and multi-talented double Gemini, who’s always eager to try something new as she’s proven by writing in several genres as well as nonfiction.

MJC:  I’m intrigued by how other writers and creative souls organize their space. Can you describe your work area for us?

HDC:  My desk is glass, L-shaped and sits next to a large window that overlooks my rose garden. At the moment, it’s crowded with papers, notes, assorted astrology books, and my cat who is sleeping on his corner.

MJC:  You teach astrology classes. What tips can you offer teachers trying to make a connection with their students?

HDC:  Remember their names. Remember what it felt like when you were a student. Smile. Make it fun. As long as you’re half an I.Q. point ahead of the group, you’re doing okay.

MJC:  Tell us what’s next in your writing projects and events!

HDC:  I’ve just finished a proposal for another astrology book, my first one outside the Rotten Day series. I’m setting up a blog tour and recently launched my new website

Thank you, Hazel, for visiting with us today! Remember to leave your comment or question for Hazel for a chance to win one of her three latest books!

To learn more about Hazel Dixon-Cooper and her books, please visit her site and Facebook page:

Hazel Dixon-Cooper



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9 responses to “Author Interview & TRIPLE Book Giveaway: Hazel Dixon-Cooper

  1. Thanks Hazel and Mary Jo for an informative post! Mary Jo, I like how you always find interesting authors. I’m to the point where I don’t wait for reviews for books to read, I just see what looks good from Mary Jo’s blog! Hazel, I’m curious–what was your first interest–writing or astrology? Do you consider yourself a writer first or an astrologer first? I’m also curious about your book, “Born on a Rotten Day”–can you tell us more about what this means? Astrology wise, I get annoyed with my birthday (July 23) because it is on the cusp between Cancer and Leo (and I seem to have traits of both-introvert and extrovert and sensitive!) and I could never figure out which horoscope I was supposed to be reading! 🙂 What exactly does “Born on a rotten day” mean? Look forward to your response!

    • Hi Kristine,

      I consider myself a writer first as I’ve always written stories since I was a child. My first book attempt was a novel which I finished but never submitted to a publisher. I’ve always been interested in astrology and when I started writing again 10 years ago, I decided to combine those two loves.

      Born on a Rotten Day is a skewed and funny look at the zodiac signs. Although it’s astrologically correct, it focuses on the negative and sometimes childish traits we all have. The title means that no matter what day you’re born, you and it are “rotten.” I believe everyone needs to laugh at themselves now and then.

      You are a true cusper, however you are Leo Sun on the cusp of Cancer. Read both horoscopes for you have both traits.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Hazel, you mentioned that astrology is a wonderful self knowledge tool and I was wondering how do I get more information on my Sun sign?. My birthday is February 19, 1980. Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Two cuspers in one day! You are Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius and should also read both of those signs for a better understanding of yourself. Email me at the above link and include your time (am/pm) and place of birth and I’ll send you a brief overview.

      You can also read Born On a Rotten Day for the negative qualities. Plus, there are many serious astrology books on the market that describe the Sun signs.

  3. Great post, Haze. Thanks for all your help with my books. No one knows this stuff better than you!

  4. shikha

    Hello Hazel,

    I read your book born on a rotten day. I am an Aries woman, born on 4th April 1986. I could not quite agree with all that you have mentioned about Aries woman in the book…possibly because of a different moon sign. I was born at 7.20 a.m. Infact, a lot of my friends say that I am unaries-like. I would like to know from you that why do I come across so differently to people and why cant i relate to some of the rotten qualities aries are associated with, even as i relate to many other arian qualities- good & bad. Besides, the book is really laced with wit and humor and it doesn’t hurt at all. Rather, it’s great fun to read.

    Thankyou so much…..Shikha

    • Hi Shikha,

      Thank you for your note. I’m happy you like my book. I hope no one could relate to all of the rotten traits in Born On A Rotten Day! 🙂

      Your “un-Aries-like” traits stem from the fact that you actually have more Earth and Air in your chart than Fire (Aries). You have an Aquarius Moon, Taurus Venus (love), and Capricorn Mars (temper). Your Mercury (communication) is in Pisces.

      Mars rules Aries and having Capricorn in Mars gives you a more cool-headed temperament.

      Your Earth/Air combination stabilizes some of Aries impulsiveness. An Aquarius Moon is also cool emotionally – more rational than quick to act. Your Taurus Venus is more thoughtful.

      However, you are Aries, even if you aren’t the textbook or “rotten” hot-tempered, super competitive type. So I suspect you still like to be number one and try to be the best at whatever you do. Also someone who is first in line to help out your friends and/or family when they need it.

      Thanks for writing!

  5. P.S. Your Pisces Mecury gives you a softer way of communicating too. Also you should have the ability to talk people into seeing your point of view fairly easy with this placement.

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