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snack time @ Summer Writing Studio

Want to see what I’ve been up to lately?

Check out this article that ran in my local paper:

Let me know your thoughts on teaching creative writing to young adults.


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7 responses to “In the News…

  1. Very cool, Mary Jo. I’ve found with my own kids (and with myself!) that sometimes the hardest part of a writing assignment is just getting started. I like the idea of starting with journaling and free writing to “prime the pump”.

  2. Liz

    Snack time — the trick for any great workshop…good snacks! Fun to see a photo of you in action :). And, I LOVE the article about your work.

  3. Thanks, Cara! It’s amazing how quickly the young writers are off and running with a short nudge.
    Liz: no kidding. The snacks were a favorite part of the day – you see how I was ambushed? : @

  4. When I work with younger writers the first thing I emphasize is that how they talk is not “wrong” it’s just fine. However, how they write will look much different than how they talk with their friends. Even though texted novels are all the rage in Japan, in the US, a full sentence or two can really help a creative story along!

  5. Bravo!

    Really great advice. Inspiring story. Hope you saved a lot of copies of the article. Maybe even get it framed or laminated.

    Thanks for sharing.

    michael j

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