Track your minutes

Have you ever gone online and looked up to notice several HOURS have passed? We can get lost in busyness – but how does this support our writing?

Of course, researching markets, guidelines or facts for our writing projects is a valid use of time online. But, let’s be real, here, guys. Is it work, or is it a time warp? How can you find out?

Track your minutes!

As a Weight Watchers member, who tracks her food points, I learned a valuable lesson. We often do things, eat things or say things out of habit and comfort. Tracking what I eat throughout the day was eye-opening. Popping a chip in my mouth while packing the kids’ lunches, enjoying a small bowl of Raisin Bran before bed or nibbling shredded mozzarella while layering it over recipes was adding up! By writing it down, I was accountable and therefore prepared to make  changes.

Minutes checking Facebook, hitting Refresh for your email or leaving comments on blogs you follow add up, too. Couldn’t those minutes be better spent roughing out that first draft, or tweaking that query letter? We have more time available than we realize.

Keep a notepad next to your computer and jot down those minutes every time you click a new site. This works for TV time, too.

Share your findings with us!


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4 responses to “Track your minutes

  1. You really struck a chord here. I, too, am a Weight Watcher who tracks points (lost 40 – now a free lifetime member) I have felt for a long time that I would much rather be spending my available time writing than wandering the Internet. I cannot tell you how many people say to me,”Well, if you were my Facebook friend you would know that…” They give me a strange look when I say I just don’t have room in my day ~ After work, home, family,and actual human contact, my writing must have priority…

  2. Oh, you’re so right. Facebook is responsible for much irresponsible use of time. I try to curb it by limiting checking to my lunch breaks or setting a timer. Ten minutes and then close down Firefox! Thanks for this reminder and concrete tip.

  3. Trine: Congrats on your WW success! And congrats for not getting sucked into the world of Facebook. Your priorities seem right on cue : )

    Jenni: a timer! what a concept! Though my 6yr old busted me when I supposed to be “working” he saw my screen and said: “Oh, yeah, I thought you were working – you’re on Facebook!” Oops!

  4. I just a timer as well about two weeks ago and I love it! Two timers. They keep me focused and I actually accomplish something.

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