And the winner is…

Cara Holman!

Congratulations, Cara! You win your choice of one of Laura Cross’s online writing workshops! Please email me at mjcwriter”at”comcast”dot”net with your contact info so that Laura can set you up on her class roster!

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion.

Please come back tomorrow for another guest post and book giveaway by Elisa Lorello.

And, Cara, please keep us updated on your class experience with Laura!



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3 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. What a nice surprise to find this message in my inbox this morning! Yay! I’m very excited about the writing workshop– now, to narrow it down to just one. 🙂 Thank you so much Mary Jo and Laura!

    I’m just dashing out the door right now, but I will send my contact info and choice of workshop to you later today, Mary Jo, and will will definitely keep you posted on my progress in the workshop!


  2. Congratulations Cara. Looking forward to connecting with you this Spring in class!


  3. Same here, Laura. 🙂


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