Final Magazine Giveaway Contest!

How fun has this magazine giveaway month been?

The final contest winner will receive 2 issues of one of these magazines:
Parents * Traditional Home * Spa * Ready Made * Runners

Post your best organizing tip:

  • How to organize your desk
  • How to organize your sample issues and writers’ guidelines
  • How to organize your to-do list of projects with and without deadlines
  • How to organize your computer files
  • How to organize your writing ideas, notes, research, etc.

THINK: Simplify, Clarify and Streamline

One Random winner will be selected, but you can enter multiple times:
Once by posting your organizing tip
Once with a link from your blog or Facebook page to this post
Once with a link from Twitter to this post


Good luck !!

P.S. all left over magazine issues will be donated to Wings – a transitional housing for women and their children in IL



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2 responses to “Final Magazine Giveaway Contest!

  1. The to do list:
    At the top all phone calls
    Middle all the things to do as errands
    bottom all the computer work

    Do the phone calls first and put all the responses or ideas out in time on the calendar for follow up. Caveat…be realistic on when you can handle something.

    Get errands scheduled

    Start on any computer thing, and let it go from there…

    The idea is to clear the noise out of your head by calling everyone so they don’t call you. Figure out if anything outside of what you want to do needs to get done, or at least scheduled.

    Then focus on what it is that inspires you most, or is the most clear right then.

    Just my way, love it or leave it. 🙂


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