Winner of Contest 1 and Announcement of Contest 2

Wifsie!  Thank you for posting your writing goals – the random number selector has chosen you!

And now YOU can choose which two magazines you’d like me to send you: (pls email me your selection and snail mail to mjcwriter”at”

Parents * Traditional Home * Spa Ready Made * Runners

I have plenty of these issues to give away…so, on to our next contest!

Must post a comment below to enter for a chance to win:

Give us your BEST TIP for breaking into a new market: this could be non fiction or fiction, but must be specific: tell us what you did and how it worked! This time I will select the winner! *Hint: including part or all of the query you used to get the acceptance on a project/article/story will earn you major bonus points!!
You have until end of day on Friday, 1/22…the clock is ticking!


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