Have you started yet?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Agatha Christie

1890-1976, Novelist

C’mon, people – it’s the 7th day into the new decade. Have you started towards any of your goals for this year, yet?

OK, fine, here’s what I’m gonna do. Hold you accountable. No, I will not be calling or emailing anyone to check up on their progress. I have my own list to worry about. But, I have learned that writing it down tends to make things happen.

So, Write. It. Down.

Here:  yes, here!  Go ahead – give us the goods. Tell us in Specific, Measureable, Realistic terms what you are going to accomplish and by When. Start small, that’s cool. Even if it’s “file or toss the stacks of paper on my desk by Jan 20th.” It’s a specific task, measured by the clear desk when you’re finished, realistic, because, seriously if you have more paper than you can get through in 10+ days, then you probably don’t need it to begin with.

Wanna make it interesting? I’ll randomly select one commenter to win a prize! Yay! I love prizes!

The rules:

  • Give us your goals: these can be writing, teaching, organizing, revising or even getting healthy (we need our bodies and minds intact, afterall, if we’re going to produce anything above drivel.)
  • Write them in the comments and post it by end of day on Jan. 15
  • I’ll let random.org do its job.
  • The winner can select 2 magazine issues from my recycling stack (magazines like Ready Made, Parents, Traditional Home and more!) More contests to come in the following weeks until all my magazines have been “regifted!”
  • You’ll help me to get rid of the stack of magazines I’ve collected (some not even read) from the past year.
  • You’ll save the planet by recycling.
  • Everyone will be happy.
  • A magical elf will grant your every wish.


Seriously: write it down. Get it in by Jan 15. If anything, your goals will be there. In black and white. For all the world to see.

(I will mail winning magazines to US residents only!)



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3 responses to “Have you started yet?

  1. I’m taking a writing class starting next Monday. My goal is to get traffic to my blog and to post twice a week…as long as it continues to feel good and make me happy!

  2. Hey Mary Jo:

    What an uplifting and encouraging post. It definitely lit a fire under my butt to get me moving in the right direction.

    One of my goals for 2010 is designing additional writing classes to complement the ones I already offer and developing an online teaching platform that allows students to engage and connect with one another more effectively (no more email classes!)

    Thanks for hosting my upcoming book tour – I look forward to it next month.

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