2010: The Year of Clarity

At the end of each year, I like to look forward: forward to the days and months ahead and how I will best enjoy, work, play and reach for my goals.

So, 2010 will be dubbed The Year of Clarity. My mission is to refocus my talents and align my true passions with what brings me most joy: writing & submitting fiction and personal essays, teaching my young writer classes, and hosting authors on my blog. Everything else can fall to the wayside and the world will not actually implode. Fascinating.

Cool thing I discovered, is that when you focus on something, The Law of Attraction brings people and opportunities and other instances into your line of vision.  Example: yesterday I received Chris Brogan’s monthly e-newsletter which had a similar theme  to clarity: ecosystems

“Translating that, “ecosystems” means that for every project I take on, I’ll ask whether it fits any of my existing platforms, whether it’s something that can grow beyond a standalone project, whether it’s something that helps grow my existing ecosystems, etc. The point being that everything has to match up, and I can’t keep saying yes to things that come along, just because they’re awesome.”

Are you a “yes” person? Are you overwhelmed? Think there’s a connection there?

I love Chris Brogan’s idea of ecosystems, building upon an existing platform.

As part of my Clarity for 2010:

  • I’ll be purging paper: many, many issues of magazines, print outs of articles and writers’ guidelines (I can find everything on-line, after all) – look for giveaways on my blog next year!
  • Restructuring my young writers’ classes so that my lesson plans can grow with me – not be recreated for each teaching session.
  • I will also discipline myself to workout in the morning whether Pilates, yoga or toning (Because there is ALWAYS a reason not to do it midday) and I feel so cruddy if days of sloth have gone by.
  • (Biting my lip I say this) I will not join or otherwise commit to any more projects/organizations/volunteer groups/invitations to write for free (that hurt a little)
  • Find balance between teaching/helping other writers and focusing on my own writing: i.e. during my teaching sessions just focus on my lesson plans and student work with journaling for myself. Work on my own drafts and submitting in between teaching gigs.
  • Continue my use of lists, but be more realistic and forgiving (give myself a lot less to do until I can master one or two things – instead of being spread way too thin)
  • Scale back on the mass amounts of research/reading about writing and refocus on the actual writing. I’ll do this by canceling many of my google alerts and free email subscriptions. There is such a thing as too much information! ; )
  • And most importantly, Have assigned writing days/time slots to work (without too much internet use -I’m very easily distracted.) Outside of these set writing times, I need to learn to let it go and focus on the people in my life, including myself.

So, what are you guys going to focus on in 2010? Write it down. Make it happen. Let’s keep each other accountable, shall we?


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19 responses to “2010: The Year of Clarity

  1. Sounds like a great plan. Very inspiring, too. Your comments are helping me think about my own personal guidelines for the new year, which I plan to post about when it’s my next turn to blog on TeachingAuthors. I wish you a productive new year!

    • Lee

      Thanks Carmela,
      It’s been a very rewarding and fun process. I highly recommend it and definitely recommend Ellie if you need help downloading your novel to a POD or someone to design your book cover.

  2. Liz

    Love this idea of ecosystems and I’m going to apply that quote in my life, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Carmela, Thank you! I’m honored by your visit. I follow the Teaching Authors blog and find such helpful info in the posts from each of you! Great luck to you too in the new year!

  4. Liz, I know isn’t the ecosystems theory great?! I’m thankful to Chris Brogan for sharing the idea! Let’s keep each other accountable in keeping within our goal ecosystem for 2010…

  5. Golden

    This is inspiring for 2010 and the Author’s Blog is a good place to take a mental alertness for 2010

    • Golden G Ebikefe

      How can I assess writers grant in other to promote
      My Poem in Book Expo, I need your counsel

      • Golden,
        From what I understand, obtaining a grant is for the purpose of completing a writing project, not necessarily funding your promotion of a completed project. I am not familiar with obtaining or writing grants, but here are several resources you can try :
        about.com – grant writing
        lovetoknow.com-freelance writing

        fundsforwriters.com – where to get grants
        Hope that helps!

      • Golden G Ebikefe

        Thanks for the prompt response, I am still going through the grants.
        Also can I have list of Traditional book Publishers who publish Authors without the Author paying
        for publishing. I mean Traditional book Publishers who sign Authors.

        Some personal writing development skill I love to share will be posted soon


      • Golden:

        I don’t have that kind of a list handy. But tomorrow, Wed on this blog I am hosting an author/agent (Laura Cross) who will be available for questions – plus! giving away one free writers’ workshop, to a random winner, that should be very helpful for you. Be sure to come back and comment under tomorrow’s post (Wed Feb 10).
        In the meantime, you might want to try The Writer’s Market for publishers, or Writer’s Digest site for more links/resources.
        Good luck!

  6. Thanks, Golden. I hope to continue to post inspiring messages, esp. for writers!

  7. This year, I WILL finish editing my novel! (Almost there…)

  8. Kim

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and plans for the new year! I’m excited and inspired, and I’m going to print out a copy for both my work and home office. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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