More ways to Procrastinate during NaNo

Eyes burning? Fingers aching? Characters taking a nap?

Here’s another list of unuseful things to do instead of work on your novel:

  1. Look up unusal holidays and decide which you’ll celebrate in 2010
  2. Create a blog for your antagonist to ramble about his plot to destroy your protagonist
  3. Leave random comments on your friends’ FB pages speaking from the POV of your supporting character
  4. Write an entire scene of dialogue using one post it for each speaker, then arrange them in an interesting way.
  5. Sort the items in your recycling bin by color, than by brand name labels
  6. Look up the most popular dish served in your protagonist’s home town: find the recipe and cook it!
  7. Write a letter to your protagonist from his/her 3rd grade teacher: would they be praising your character or reprimanding him/her?
  8. Dust the blinds on all of your windows using Qtips
  9. Plan your 2010 summer vacation trip
  10. Write a list to Santa Claus and tell him everything you DON’T want this year!

Hopefully writing your novel will be more appealing than any of these activities, but if you must procrastinate, share your ideas with us!

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3 responses to “More ways to Procrastinate during NaNo

  1. Elisa

    I’m not participating in nanowrimo, but I just love these! Fun fun fun.

    Will pass them on to my nanowrimo friends.

  2. I love 5, 6 and 8. Now THAT’S procrastinating!

  3. Ha! Ha! Glad you guys are enjoying these…

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