Top 10 ways to Procrastinate during NaNo

  1. Blog surf  – looks like you’ve got that one down ; )
  2. Catch up with friends on Facebook
  3. Organize your purse or wallet
  4. Search #nano or #nanowrimo on Twitter for other procrastinators
  5. Begin your holiday wish list on Amazon
  6. Organize your files on your desktop
  7. Make new playlists on your ipod
  8. Go out for a brisk walk, look for a hard labored pile of leaves to destroy
  9. Fall into the dreamy eyes of Edward or cutesy smirk of Bella on the NewMoon site
  10. Look up your characters’ horoscopes for today

How do you procrastinate? Come back for part two later…

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6 responses to “Top 10 ways to Procrastinate during NaNo

  1. LOL–You don’t have to be participating in NaNo to find creative ways to procrastinate. Thanks for sending me some new ideas. Truly “inspiring.”

    • Ha-ha! Glad I can help, Julie! There is such a thing as “creative procrastination” and I truly believe we sometimes need to step away from our writing in order to have a fresh outlook on it after some time away…

  2. Have you any idea exactly where It’s possible to find the rss for this site?

    • Absolutely, the RSS feed is bolded in orange at the top of the right hand sidebar, just under the email susbcription box:

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