What I learned this Week

…in Writing, Teaching, Marketing and Life

In my surfing and reading and researching for my own perusal, I learn quite a bit in a week’s time.  And I’d be a selfish sloth if I kept those tidbits to myself. So, here, I share:


Creating scary scenes by setting them up with dialogue interesting take on how to use ordinary language to sidestep a scene and add the tension of horror. {courtesy of @motsjustes}

Creating Sympathetic characters can take time and practice. This quick list gives excellent ways to invoke emotion into your two-dimensional character, such as: making him an underdog, giving them someone/something to love, stack the stakes up high, and even infusing humor. Even more ways to make your character memorable.{courtesy of @taralazar}

Have you written yourself into a corner? Some tips on how write your way out! {courtesy of @elspethwrites}

Good, long post on grammar problems: leading and trailing modifiers. Concisely put:  “But do be thinking of the start of the sentence as a place where you want something important, even essential, to the understanding of what is to come.” {courtesy of @motsjustes}


All this platform building could put your identity at risk! Very thorough post on ways to prevent this, as writers.

Should you submit your work to an editor without an agent? Agent, Nathan Bransford, answers from both sides. {courtesy of @NathanBransford}


How can we teach young writers to find their voice, take risks and push through procrastination when adults are BAnning Books?

Check out some of these great articles on book banning week:

Here is a list of books that were challenged/banned in 2008-09

Great books (staples on our bookshelves!) that have been banned in the past.


I had life lesson in balance this week. Came to terms with my Twitter and Facebook addiction; accepted my avoidance of “real writing” and made a new schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays are my WRITING NIGHTS. From after-dinner on (to about 10:30pm), I have the promise (signed in blood) of no interruptions from my family and a list of prioritized writing tasks to conquer. Wish me luck as I go forward! (I’ll Tweet during downtime at work – shh!)

What did you learn this week?


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