What I Learned This Week…

…in Writing, Teaching, Marketing and Life

Most of my “learns” this week were a result of some awesome tweets posted on Twitter:


As a writer or reader we need to support one another. But let’s face it, everyone’s wallet is hurting (mine is technically on long term disability leave!) But we can still provide (and ask for) support for written works. This article

breaks down 10 easy and cheap or zero-cost ways to do just that!

{Courtesy of:} @Becky_LevineRT @ShrinkngViolets: Lisa Schroeder’s blog “Supporting authors when your heart’s bigger than your wallet” — http://tinyurl.com/nj85r9

Can you believe Book Banning Week still exists in the sense that books are still under scrutiny to be banned in schools and libraries? HEllo, people, this is the 21st century!  Yes, I am a parent and yes I am concerned with the things my sons read, view, hear. However, I am raising them to be responsible, open-minded adults who can feel comfortable talking to me and my husband about anything. So, my 10-year-old is reading the Cirque DuFreak series (vampires – the gory, not sexy variety with reasonable, not gratuitous violence and petty cursing.) Guess what? I’m reading them too. Opens conversations. Remember talking to your kids?  Off my soapbox: check out the article Teen Author, Laurie Halse Anderson posted. Thoughts?

{Courtesy of:} @maureenjohnson: Please take a moment to read this awesome post by @halseanderson about challenges to her #books. http://is.gd/3zd1z


Can you give a 5-second pitch on your book? Not sure I can give a 5 second description on anything- I like to blather ; )

But, sources say, concise is key – especially when trying to grab hold of an agent/editor! Check this out

What would your 5 second pitch be?

Friend Me! Yes, your writing business needs friends – that’s how it gets popular and invited to all the cool parties. Mashable, once again, breaks it down for us: How to create a Facebook Fan page for your business. I’m totally jumping on board with this one…I’ll post the link once I’m finished with mine (next week?)

Do you have  a Facebook Fan Page for your writing/teaching/freelancing business?


My style of teaching is based on my own writing and publishing and school experiences. But, I am always flexible in my lessons, to allow for discussions. It may seem like a distraction, but those tangents turn into conversation that builds trust and opens kids up.  Let them talk and you be sure to share, too, when appropriate. In other words, kids don’t want to be preached to. They want someone or some event they can relate to. Use your own experiences and life-learned lessons to connect with them. One little way I’m doing this: I’m friending my students on Facebook. They can see the real me and my personality. I can pick up on things they’re into, too, which will help with future writing assignments.

What are you doing to build that relationship with your students?


I’ve been hearing it a lot lately: Get up an hour earlier and spend time with yourself! Well, it’s true. When I can do it, I feel unstoppable. On these days I get up before the sun, do some yoga or light workout, then have time to just free write and express my concerns, frustrations, epiphanies (yes, you can still have those!), dreams, ideas and to-do lists.

Try it! You’ll surprise yourself and that’s a pretty cool feeling!

If you still want more to read, jump over to my WriteLikeCRAZY blog today, where YA novelist Adam Dustus is guest blogging and giving away one copy of his debut novel, High School Asylum to a random young writer who posts their writing goals! Go get inspired by these wee sprites ; )

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