What I learned this week

Missed my Friday post last week for numerous reasons…but I’m back, baby!

Check out all I learned this week (Yep, I’m a big girl, now!)


New trends in YA and Teen Fiction? Dare I say, Move over Vampires – Enter Angels (Fallen Angels to be exact!) hush, hush, debut novel by Becca Fitzpatrick was a First Teen Read sponsored by Barnes & Noble Book Clubs (have you signed up, yet? Duh – free books months before they’re released to the public!! And lots of fun on line discussion boards.) I read this novel, I fell for the characters and am quite intrigued with the possibility of a new trend. I’ll be reviewing the book here in October -and maybe inviting Ms. Fitzpatrick over for an interview!

To Blog or Not to Blog: Great article on the why’s of blogging, for writers in particular. Found it interesting that Jane Freidman  (Writers Digest) compares the blog’s use for fiction writers vs nonfiction writers. Good stuff! Check it out and let us know where you stand.

Writing for Print vs Writing for the Web: Jennifer Applin makes a comparison to these different styles of writing and the pro’s and con’s of dealing with print editors and web editors, such as web editors may be more accessible (read: easier to reach and build a relationship=more projects=more moola!) Have you written for both print and online? Share!

Contests, Copywriting and Giveaways!

Do you follow Ask Wendy? You should! She’s not only the Query Queen, but the maiden of all writing contests.

More fun freebies: This week was Book Review Bloggers week, and you have a chance to win The Art of Reading book

Concerned about your online material being snagged and duped under another’s name? This might help.

Fewer categories this week, but lots of reading for you – get to it!

My own observations:

Blogging? Yes, definitely! Why? Let’s count the ways…Because of this blog, I have been contacted by: (and all this in a span of ~14 days)

  1. a published author’s PR assistant who sent me a free copy of the book for review and is hooking me up for an interview next month
  2. a ya novelist who just published his debut novel and is sending me a free copy for review and will be posting an inspirational message for young writers on WriteLikeCRAZY (soon!)
  3. a freelance writer who would like to contribute to Writers Inspired (and got me thinkin’: any of you want to wear my hat for a day? Send me an email: mjcwriterATcomcastDOTcom)

I don’t how they found me but they found me! Run for it, Marty!


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6 responses to “What I learned this week

  1. Elisa

    Excellent post! Am looking forward to checking out the blogging article as well as the print/web comparison.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for the plug! ; )

  3. Liz

    Great post, thanks for sharing what you learned. And, I’m thrilled for the results of your blogging – nice work!

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