Wicked Wednesday

penthouse pumps

penthouse pumps

Wicked can be evil or super cool.

It can describe a sound: A wicked cackle erupted from her belly.

It can describe a person: Be careful, he has a wicked streak.

It can describe an awesome movie scene: The effects in that sci fi flick were wicked!

Or a pair of shoes: My red satin strappy pumps are wicked and make me feel naughty.

Use wicked your way today – see what twisted path it will lead you on…

Check In:

I’m listening to Tony Robbin’s Get the Edge on audio while commuting to and from work. Wow, he’s intense – but I love his energy! So, I’m supposed to start my Hour of Power and Tony suggests getting UP AN HOUR EARLIER to get moving and create visualization for where I want to be. Aw, do I hafta? I already get up at 5am.  Maybe I can start with my 15 minutes to fulfillment and work up to that hour, yes?


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One response to “Wicked Wednesday

  1. I must disagree with your article, just don’t believe all the “truths” are true. I did have fun reading it, so keep at it!

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