Free ebook that “doesn’t suck”

Author, Tina McAllister,  Beyond The Pen LLC, wrote an ebook about marketing for writers.  Hello? Of course that caught my attention. I’m a writer and such am a marketer (aren’t you?) But this ebook is FREE! Double- hello?

You could go searching for this ebook on your own, or you could get the link from me just by posting your favorite freebies for writers. It could be free downloads to app’s that help us write, organize or budget better. It can be an ebook you found on line that has proved invaluable to your writing career. Maybe an event either locally or via the web?

Every post will get an email from me with the link. (I’ll most likely post the link on Friday to all anyway, but thought this would be a fun way to see what else out there is free – and helpful!)

Share, share, share! And, then… so will I!!


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14 responses to “Free ebook that “doesn’t suck”

  1. Thanks for the props on the ebook, Mary Jo!! Fantastic idea on paying it forward by requesting people to post their fave freebies! Can’t wait to see what people come up with!

  2. May be silly, but Nitro PDF software if one is interested in using something other than Adobe. . Of course I got sucked in and then bought the $99 software so I could write and create in addition to the free stuff that transforms docs to PDFs!

  3. Thanks for the great freebies, ladies! I think I’ll keep this post up for another day and see what other treasures will be uncovered.

    I’ll email the free ebook link to everyone on Thursday morning!

  4. Google tools:
    tools at
    for google calendar (email alerts!)
    google notebook, clip and link as you surf
    google alert – when someone mentions me or my book
    google desktop -search for files on my computer
    google toolbar button – search for content on a certain site

  5. advertise for free here? Blogs, events, calendars, etc

  6. Hmm…I seem to just hemorrage money when it come to writing, so I’m LOVING the freebie tips from everyone!

    Just for good measure, I will mention valuable free ezines, though many of your readers may already be receiving them:

  7. wordfoolery

    Hi, I use this free chart to interview my main characters before writing novels – it’s excellent and I’d recommend it to anyone planning an outline.
    happy writing, Grace

  8. Thank’s for the great ebooks

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