Sometimes life just gets in the way

{photo courtesy of The Work}

{photo courtesy of The Work}

So sorry, readers, for not posting my series “what I learned this week” on Friday.  I actually have about a word doc page and a half of links and other juicy tidbits to share, but I’ll make this Friday (July 24) a double-feature!

What prevents you from posting, or from writing in general? Last week was quite hellish on the day job. Reports due to the big boss, which needed data from several field associates, who were being less than cooperative in getting said data to me on time. And so it goes… Watching travel and entertainment expenses, researching the best long distance phone plans and inexpensive shipping options. Ugh! You don’t want to hear about this monotony, right? Such is the muck that gets my creativity stuck.

domo_screams_150My weekend, however uneventful, was pleasant in that I had a lot of time outdoors. With my two sons. Up and down a hill on bikes, spinning in a grassy field, staring at clouds. Even some indoor activities like creating animations on a Domo website. These are the things that refuel my creativity. What non-writing related activities fill your writing well?


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3 responses to “Sometimes life just gets in the way

  1. What prevents me from writing of any kind is typically ME — that is, procrastination, which is really another word for fear. Mind you, some days I am really busy and have a ton of stuff to do, but more often than not I’m horrible at time management and I know myself all too well.

    My non-writing activities that replenish me are usually the mindless stuff: going for a drive, baking cookies, watching some TV (sports, or reruns of my favorite shows), cleaning, etc. Every once in a while it’s a shopping trip.

    Then there’s stuff like reading and spending time w/ family and friends, and going to the coffeeshop — not mindless, but meaningful.

    It all depends on where I’m at either mentally or with my writing, or both.

    • Thanks, Elisa. I, too, have to blame myself for not writing some of the time. My husband and older son were out of town which would have freed up plenty of hours to write, yet…I was on Twitter, Facebook and just watching sappy chick movies. Ha-Ha! But, sometimes we just need that downtime, right?
      Oh, yes, long drives do me good, as well.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. wordfoolery

    For me it’s reading (I always get ideas and huge enjoyment there), walking – especially on the beach because it calms my soul and lets my mind breath easy, and any form of craftwork. Give me a crochet hook, a needle and thread, beads, or a pencil and I’m off in another world. But if I want to kickstart my story-making brain, all I need is 30 minutes people-watching (trainstations are best I find) – all the yarns in the world walk past, it’s fantastic.

    Happy writing, Grace

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