How do you face challenges?

“It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.”

Vince Lombardi
1913-1970, American Football Coach


Are you a doer, an achiever, or do you leave the challenges to someone else to figure out?  You may be missing out on some valuable opportunities. 

As writers, we provide a service. We provide information, insight and community.  Depending on your genre, you can provide helpful information  through well-researched and written articles, or tips from your own experiences through personal essays. If a fiction writer, you provide an escape to another world and a deeper understanding of human relationships. Even if your writing only consists of blogging, you can give a glimpse into real world situations and solutions or just a great recipe for leftovers.

Is there a topic you want to learn more about, but can’t seem to find the information anywhere? This is your challenge. Do the research, conduct the interviews and find the audience that would benefit from this information , as well.  You can become the “go-to” expert, building your platform!

Maybe there is an untapped niche in the fiction market (God knows we have the topic of vampires covered!)  What does the world really need to read right now? How can you provide this unique perspective to change peoples’ ideas? You can be the author who started a new topic trend and get known for your unmistakable “voice.”

As writers, we also face our own set of challenges in this career. Do you reach out for support?  Do you provide support when others reach to you? We all have experiences to speak from, so be social in the writing community.  You will gain respect from fellow writers and respect for your own status as a writer.

Know your strengths and use them to assist. Use your talents to recognize challenges and do something about them.

Start here. Give us your current challenge and hopefully someone can provide a solution.


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2 responses to “How do you face challenges?

  1. Excellent post. Very thought-provoking. What’s my challenge? Getting paid for my well-researched and written articles and essays. The markets are all going online which would seem to cause more opportunities; however, finding paying ones seems to be the challenge!

    • Thanks, Kristine. I’m finding quite a few online markets that pay (how long to actually recive payment is another challenge.) But, you can try the free subscriptions through Funds For Writers and Writing For Dollars which both provide excellent resources for paying markets! Good Luck!

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