What I learned…

Throughout the week I research new writing blogs and sites and follow links posted on Twitter.  So, I thought, Fridays would be the perfect day to post “Things I’ve learned” either through experiences of the week or resources and tidbits I found.

This week:


Twitter has become my source of marketing, socializing and information. I learned how to search for “Tweets” about a specific topic, i.e. “young writers,” and how to locate Twitter users that are local (for niche marketing purposes) Follow this superlink to learn almost anything about Twitter:

everything twitter how’tos


It’s a give and take, this game of networking.  This week, I had the opportunity to visit Arnie Bernstein, author of Bath Massacre:America’s First School Bombing, at a local indie bookstore.  Stopping in to visit with Arnie meant I was  a little late to a family graduation party, but it was well worth it.  Not only did I get two copies of Bath Massacre signed, but made a valuable contact.  I will be interviewing Arnie for Writers Inspired in the next few weeks, and he is putting me in touch with many other reputable authors. Lesson learned: Get out there and support other authors! Meet face-to-face whenever you can.

Blog Tours:

If you stopped through this week, I hope you had the pleasure of reading the interview with Elisa Lorello on her experiences of self-publishing her first novel, Faking It.  Not only was the interview extremely candid and thorough, but the comments and replies throughout the day were amazing!  Lesson Learned: when hosting a blog book tour, let the author know what to expect and PUBLICIZE the hell out of it (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, email list.) I plan to write an entire post on Book Blog Tours soon.

So, what have you learned this week? Please share!



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4 responses to “What I learned…

  1. Thanks for the Twitter link! I’m still very new to Twitter and figured I’m nowhere close to maximizing its potential.

  2. Great info here! I agree about publicizing a book blog tour day that you host. I publicize the day before I host an author on blog sites like The Motherhood, BlogHer, Blogamama, and others. Hopefully this helps bring more people in to learn of the author on his/her tour.

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