Read my winning entry!

100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest.  The concept itself was intriguing, especially for a long-winded writer like me.  I have been entering short and flash fiction contests lately and thought writing a complete story in 100 words or fewer would be a great challenge.  And it was.

I sketched out a few ideas, little snippets of plot that could be told in a one-scene story. I fell for one idea that I thought was golden. I wrote it, rewrote it and left it to simmer on my laptop for weeks.  Then, I pulled it out for polishing once more before submitting. Good thing. Though it had the shock value that flash pieces should possess, when I read it again, it seemed to fall flat. Was it too contrived? Too close to a real event from my life? Too predictable?

So, I pulled out my notebook and got to work on the second and third ideas, writing feverishly, crossing out words, rearranging sentences, writing it again from scratch and then with only hours remaining until deadline, hit the “send” button.

Well, all the hard work paid off, I won FIRST PLACE!

The $500 prize is outstanding, but not so much as the honor of being an award winner.

Read my entry here.  Please let me know what you think!  And…challenge yourself in the 3rd 100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest announced here.



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4 responses to “Read my winning entry!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know a story of so few words could make me think as much as your story does! How did the seed for the idea come to you? This is quite amazing, both well-written and original. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Kimberly. I keep a list of story titles and had written down “In Father Brannigan’s Room” many years ago. The idea came from 8 years as a Catholic school student and actually having really cute priest and just asking the “what if?” several times. A ton of rewriting and of course writing towards one outcome and flipping it on its head at the end. And playing with word choice, cutting so many, then adding back in to create the imagery I wanted.

  2. Mary Jo, what a great job painting not only a scene but emotional desire, guilt, lust and innocence. Congratulations!!

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