Why he HAD to write this book

Joe Deyo, author of Checklists for the New Dad, tells what inspired him to write this book:

Why did the author write Checklists?

Checklists was actually born out of tragedy.  In 2005 a twenty-month old baby in the author’s community died from injuries delivered by the child’s mother.  Joe explains what happened to him as a result.  “I had what I can best describe as a very abnormal reaction to this tragedy. On one level it hurt so much since it happened in my own neighborhood.  And my own daughter was the same age as the victim at the time.  But on an even higher level I was impacted in a way I have never felt before.  I was devastated.  And in a way I have never felt before I felt God doing a work in me.  It was like a baseball bat had been laid to my heart and my mind totally out of the blue.  The exact calling that I felt impressed upon me was that ‘new fathers are thirsty.’  I initially struggled with the idea of quenching another man’s thirst.  I know that I cannot change the hearts and minds of men.  I can’t invent that water.  But I do believe that God is that water and that He can and does change the hearts and minds of men.  I believe that He has invited me to build a pipe that can help deliver the water to new fathers.  From this calling the motivation to build the Checklists pipe was born. I exist, and this book exists, to glorify God.”

Tell me about the author’s Father Outreach (FOR) contributions program.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Checklists is donated to  National Fatherhood Initiative (www.fatherhood.org) and other carefully selected fatherhood and parenting organizations.  These organizations strive to build strong fathers and families through a variety of programs and resources.

Where can I learn more about Checklists and see some sample content?
The best place to learn more about Checklists and content is at  www.dadchecklists.com. Click on “About the Book” to see the    table of contents, sample chapter and other pages, testimonials, and the book cover.

Check out the essay writing contest, posted above, to see how you can win a copy of Checklists for the New Dad!


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