Happy Place

photo courtesy of fotosa

photo courtesy of fotosa

This weekend, my husband and I escaped to my parents’ cottage in Sister Lakes, MI for our anniversary get away. Just the drive from Chicago through Indiana to the state line of Michigan helps me feel lighter. It is a physical sense of leaving behind the news, the phones, and the email. It is literal, as well, since there is no internet, phone or cable connection at the cottage. (I suffered minor panic and email withdrawals, but recovered quickly.)

 It was dark by the time our tires crunched over the gravel road and backed onto the large front lawn. The air was fresh and cool; the stars twinkled white and bright in the black sky, like the mini pegs on a Lite Brite game. The cottage has a faint musky smell, which itself is a comfort. The cozy enclosed front porch has large windows on each side and a skylight where the sun pours in from rise to set.  An old-fashioned refrigerator buzzes and gurgles in the kitchen, the tap water sputters cold until the fuse for hot water is turned on and a selection of Dad’s favorite movies are spread out on the bed: Into the Wild, Fargo, Lonesome Dove, Jackknife, The Man from Snowy River, to name a few.

 We spent our days talking, taking walks along the winding roads, stopping at still water ponds to look for tadpoles, we’d bring home to raise with our sons.  We never did find any. The few boats that were buzzing on Magician Lake were the backdrop to our weekend soundtrack. That and the different calls of birds and the pecking of woodpeckers. The quiet breeze sifted over our bodies as we curled together on the futon in the porch and napped. We found peace, comfort and quiet.

Recharging my batteries to prepare for a busy few months ahead was just what I needed.  The cottage has always been my place of solace. My happy place.

 Where is yours and how does it help nurture your creativity and your soul?


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6 responses to “Happy Place

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your Happy Place. I must go to mine soon! Love, Goddess

  2. Your description of your weekend makes me feel peaceful! What a beautiful time and place. I’d say my happy place is in my memories of my little hut that I lived in for a couple of years in the rainforest. I’ve never found a place that can bring me as much serenity and joy as my casita did. It’s been almost 8 years since I left it, and I still think of it every day of my life. When I need to calm down, breathe, and feel at peace I just pull up a memory of my time spent in the little house and I feel so much better.

    My other happy place is when my hubby and I get to take a long hike outdoors. It can be anywhere, just as long as we’re together and far away from the sounds of cars and cities.

    • Really?! A hut in the rainforest? How fascinating! I would love to have that experience! Did you live there for research? What a wonderful Happy Place to return to, if only in mind and spirit. You must have some pretty amazing stories to share…

  3. Julie S

    Ahh, what a timely post.

    I am leaving New Mexico, home to two of my favorite places. We visited our perfect camping spot in the Jemez Mountains just yesterday. Sweet mountain air and a beautiful landscape with no other cares in the world.

    I have asked to go to my other New Mexico favorite place for Mother’s Day. Williams Lake is nestled at the foot of Wheeler Peak and can only be reached by foot. It is as pristine as it gets and absolutely breathtaking. It is the place I always go in my mind when I need a break from reality!

    Your weekend trip sounds like it was marvelous! Thanks for sharing…

    • I have always wanted to visit New Mexico, and your Happy Places sound beautiful and secluded. I hope you get your Mother’s Day wish and another stop on the Happy Place train, Julie.

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