“Life is too short to waste.”

“…Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”

David J. Schwartz, Trainer and Author


 Enough said.

 What will you take action on this week?

 Me? (My Professional Action List)


(My Personal Action List)

  • Swap out salt & pepper for cayenne, cumin and salt-free seasoning mixes
  • Go to gym 4x this week
  • Arm & ab workouts 3 x this week
  • Play outside with my boys
  • Plan our anniversary weekend


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4 responses to ““Life is too short to waste.”

  1. Julie S

    You go girl.

  2. Thanks again for your ever encouraging way of looking at things! I am going to write up a list for myself of things that I can actually accomplish this week….and then do them.

    By the way, I love your idea of making two lists: personal and writing goals. Your personal list reminded me that my anniversary is coming up, too (Memorial Day weekend), so I am going to follow in your footsteps and start planning. Happy (early) Anniversary!

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