Guilty Little Pleasures

I just submitted an essay on this topic because, let’s face it, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Or Jane. Whatever, you get the idea.

If we didn’t have our sweet little indulgences, we’d become dull and so would our writing.

My indulgences, or guilty little pleasures? Usually have nothing to do with writing, but have everything to do with resting. Yes, resting, remember how to do that?

I indulge by (no snickering!):

Riding past my house and around the block if a good song is on my car stereo

Facebook and Twitter – of course!

Reading Cosmo

Watching What Not to Wear and when it’s their season: Sunset Tan (completely mindless and silly)

Browsing shoes on-line (can I get a whoo-yeah?!)

Going back to bed after giving the kids their breakfast on Saturday morning ; )

Buying dark and funky colors of nail polish

Reading book reviews on Amazon, then trying to find or order them through my library

Gourmet coffee

Joke emails

Finding new ways to embarrass my 10-year-old

How do you Indulge?



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2 responses to “Guilty Little Pleasures

  1. Ooh, I love your guilty pleasures and how they make me want to indulge in mine today 🙂 My biggest one is probably buying books. Whether I’m in a bookstore or on Amazon, I feel so guilty when I buy yet another book for me or my toddler. Reading books when I have other work or responsibilities to do is another indulgence. Being pregnant, I definitely have guilty pleasures such as eating ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (my hubby takes us there almost every Sunday, but at least the three of us share a ‘like it’)! And my other guilty pleasure is turning off my cell phone. I’m not a big fan of talking on it, but I know people want to call and talk me, so I feel guilty but pleasure by turning it off every so often.

    • Ooo, ice cream! That’s an indulgence I agree with. And buying books, well, I consider that a necessity, like food! ; )
      But I love your pleasure of turning off the cell phone. Sometimes we really need to be unplugged and unreachable so we can tap into the quiet within.

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