Obsession, a short story

The new issue of coloredchalk has been released. Check out my story, Obsession, in issue 7: McGuffins for Hire

And be sure to leave comments if you’d like.

Also, great place for your fiction, look at their guidelines for their next issue: Broken Clocks, Deadline: April 30


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10 responses to “Obsession, a short story

  1. Good for you, Mary Jo! I went to the link but it looks like Issue 7 isn’t quite out yet. Is that right? I’ll have to check back in. That’s great news!

  2. Julie S

    I can’t wait to read it. Please let us know when it is there. Glad I am not losing my mind–I searched for the correct issue, but couldn’t find it. And congratulations, Mary Jo. I think this is exciting.

  3. Julie S

    Oooooo! It’s there now! It is refreshing to read some fiction for a change. And that ending is FREAKy! Yay you! Enjoyed it.

  4. Liz

    Great story, Mary Jo. I liked the shock of it – seemed an “average” tale in the beginning and then WHAMMY at the end with the headline and, for me, the fruit flies!! Great work!

  5. I couldn’t leave a comment on the site, so I’ll do it here, πŸ™‚
    I loved the pace, and detailed descriptions, you also made me really like her, and feel for her.

    Great job!!

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