To Tweet or Not to Tweet…


I caved and joined the birds of  a feather on Twitter.

Why? Because my favorite thing about Facebook is coming up with new witty ways to claim my status on “What’s on your mind?” And that’s all Twitter is – updating your status.

But how cool is it that you can connect with other tweets across the globe even faster than blogging or Facebook? I’ve already (since about 36 hours ago) got in touch with a local author I met last year who has a new release out in April (Arnie Bernstein will be touring here soon!) and other freelance writers, editors, artists and web designers. All anxious to promote their projects and just as willing to guest blog. This all helps me by giving my blog excellent content without the actual brainstorming and writing. Making my fiction writing time more productive.

Speaking of fiction, come back tomorrow for a link to my first published short story: Obsession on

So, will you be tweeting soon? Find me by name or search “mjcwriter”



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4 responses to “To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

  1. Julie S

    Oh my, you make Twitter sound so fun. Since I just remembered my half-constructed website, perhaps I should wait and tweet when I have conquered that other learning curve…

  2. hee hee, i’m glad you caved! i thought twitter sounded so lame and self-involved until i joined and got waaaay hooked! it’s such a quick and to-the-point way of keeping in touch, sharing links, having discussions, etc.

    i’ll have to start following you. (if only twitter would change that wording so it wouldn’t sound so stalker-like.)

    happy tweeting!
    ~ @k8ie

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