You have the day to do as you please


Just go with me on this, OK?  You’re given the day off of work or mommyhood or housework, bills, etc.  The day to do as you please: babysitter has been arranged, meals prepared, husband’s socks found, appointments cleared, reports completed.

What would you do with this free time?

“There is never a better measure of what a person is than what he does when he’s absolutely free to choose.”

~ William M. Bulger – American Educator, Senator

Do you have  a list of to-do’s for your writing at the ready? Maybe you would grab a good cup of coffee and people watch while scribbling in your journal. Maybe there is  a writing contest deadline and 24 hours is all you need polish up that rough draft. An interview would add substance to the article you’re crafting, so call on that expert for a great quote or two.

I really don’t have the power to give you a day off of all responsibilities. *sigh* But you may get a spare 10 minutes sitting in traffic (unless you’re in Chicago, then you’ll get 65 minutes!) Or while the baby is napping or your husband is dropping off the kids at soccer practice.

Be ready for these spare moments.

Don’t check email, change your Facebook status or blog (expect to visit mine, of course.) Get to work on being YOU ~ Get busy!

Whatever you choose to do with this unexpected gift of free time, be sure it is a reflection of who you are.


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2 responses to “You have the day to do as you please

  1. zookbooknook

    Very well said!! To often if I get a pocketful of time that’s free for just me, I might putz around (cleaning, checking email, surfing the www, etc). It seems like I stick to my writing routine during time I know I have scheduled in the day for me, but if any extra free time comes up I am at a loss as to how to jump into my writing. I think a writer’s to do list is the ticket for me. Thanks for the great idea!

    • You are very welcome, zookbooknook! What I should add and practice myself is making a to-do list according to time limits, say if I have 10 min, I can tackle this item, etc. Let me know how it works for you….

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