Little Things

We as writers are the witnesses of our world: the recorders, journalers, and storytellers that recreate the past for our children who were too young to remember, for our parents who grew to forget. Not just articles that bring in the dough, fiction that climbs the best seller’s list, blogs that educate or entertain. But, as writers, we have a rare gift to give our loved ones:

our memory.

 Today is our first-born son’s 10th birthday.  A milestone. A blessing.  A child growing into a young man.  So many little things to be thankful for.


Dear David,

 You’ve heard the stories of how you were born (26+ hours of labor on a wintry snowy night, all of your uncles, aunts and grandparents sleeping in the waiting room anticipating your arrival.) You’ve heard how little Bina welcomed you with a wagging tail and tiny Chihuahua kisses.  How you kept us up nights, taking your sweet time to finish a 4oz bottle; how you dumped an entire 5 lb bag of flour on the kitchen floor right under my feet, how you also loved dumping the videos and CD’s from the cabinet. Every. Single. Day. We’ve told you how grass on your bare feet made you recoil in fear and loud music or power tools were not your BFF. You’ve seen pictures of your first Halloween costume as a purple dragon, learned that “Po” from TeleTubbies was your favorite and Arthur’s Big Book of Words was practically disintegrated from daily readings and page turnings.

You barely remember that your biggest concern in preschool was should you marry Emmerson or Samantha?


But you may not know how you have touched the lives of so many people in your ten years so far.  You bring creativityto our home, through your ideas and eagerness to try new things (karate, track, snare drum, writing horror stories, raising Triops, experiments you leave in the fridge and freezer.)  You keep us in awe when you share fun facts about science, plants, animals and the solar system.  You bring us laughter when you do your silly “belly dance” and comfort when you give kisses and hugs just to say you love us. You remind us of the importance of kindness(your concern for those sickly cockatiels at Pet Co; how you ran to your friend Brandon’s house in the rain to make sure he had his backpack and finished his homework, your worry when your little brother is sick or hurt or sad.)


David, we are so proud that you are our son. Smart, funny, sweet, handsome, silly, creative, kind, we love every bit of you!


Love, Mom


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4 responses to “Little Things

  1. Happy birthday to your little big one, Mary Jo! And happy 10 years of parenthood to you!

  2. Another March miracle!
    My girl’s bday was yesterday.
    I hope your son had a really grand birthday.

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