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Kim Hix, Author of: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid

About the Author:
Kim Hix is a native of Columbia SC. She graduated Lander University with a BS in Psychology 1988. She worked at various capacities at Marshall Pickens Hospital in Greenville SC from 1990 until 2004. She is now employed part time by Greenville Hospital System as a Patient Family Liaison (Advocate) and also as a part time personal trainer for Sportsclub Simpsonville. She has been Married 15 years to Doug Hix and have two children Zack 12(dx OCD, Tourettes Disorder Spectrum, and PANDAS) and Kelsie, 8, a real girly girl! She currently reside in Simpsonville SC with her family and 3 dogs.

“My name is Kim Hix and I am the mother of a very special young boy who struggles with emotional difficulties. He has experienced an array of moods from an early age, which include rages, depression, anxiety, and drastic mood shifts. In our journey to find help, we’ve encountered many specialists and interesting people. During this time, my son dealt with feeling different from his peers, isolated, and at times, rejected. My son would express to me that he felt no one understood him and that he was the only kid in the world with these problems. What started out as a project to help my son, cultivated a desire to let other kids and parents know that they are NOT alone. In fact, millions of children are suffering with mental illness, neuropsychiatric disorders, and behavior disorders. They long to be accepted, to be normal, and just fit in. They suffer, and we, the parents, suffer all the while our hearts are breaking.

“This is why I wrote a book for Zack and kids like him, who struggle with feelings of being different. It is my hope that this story will offer some measure of comfort and belonging to the children who read it.”

Author’s Websites:

Kim Hix’ website: Intense Kids, Great Kids
Book available for purchase: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid
Best Children’s Book Award: Reader Views


Synopsis: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid is a lovely book written about Zack, a young boy who struggles daily with ever changing moods. He tries to understand why he gets very sad, upset, discouraged and angry in response to what most would consider insignificant events. Zack often feels different, left out, and isolated due to his moods. He poses thought provoking questions to his audience that can spur some meaningful conversation.

This book will touch your heart and anyone who has a special child in their life who struggles with any degree of emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric disorder.
Winner of Best Children’s Book for ages 6 and under, Reader Views Award for 2007 Annual Literary Awards

ISBN: 1419631489

To purchase No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid, please visit

Genre: Children’s Nonfiction/Special Needs

Kim Hix will be here all day answering questions! Post a question and/or comment for a chance to win her book!

Interview by: Mary Jo Campbell

MJC: Kim, your son, Zack, who is adorable by the way, struggles with emotional difficulties.   Do you feel that your BS degree in Psychology was helpful in diagnosing Zack, especially with PANDAS, which I read is difficult to diagnose?

Kim: I choose to think someone or something bigger than me pushed me into the field of mental health, knowing I would really need that information some day. My first job out of college was at a Psychiatric hospital, so that experience and especially the professional contacts I made were a wealth of help as we began this journey. I knew from a very early age that something was wrong. Zack was not diagnosed with PANDAS until 2007, by a specialist, and once I began to read more about it things really made sense. He developed Tics and Tourettes disorder in 2006, after a strep infection.

MJC: As a parent, this is a very sensitive and personal topic.  At what point did you decide this book needed to be written and did Zack ask to be involved in the writing or editing process, since it’s told from a child’s point of view?

Kim: It is sensitive, and so many people are uncomfortable talking about mental illness, especially in children, but I have always felt that this is nothing we should be ashamed of. If his disabilities were of an obvious physical nature, or diabetic or something like that then there is not shame, why is there shame if your illness is of your mind, thoughts or behavior? There is shame because the behavior is usually so extreme, so outside the “socially accepted”. I know my child does not choose to behave or react in such an extreme way when upset, frustrated or anxious, yet he is treated like a bad, mean boy by strangers and peers, simply because they do not know him or what he is dealing with internally. Yes, his behavior has caused a great deal of stress for us all, embarrassment (especially in public). If you love a child suffering with a behavioral or mental illness you know all too well the chaos that is ever present in your home and life. The book was easy, simply conversations we have had after various difficult and upsetting situations he has encountered. Zack has always struggled with feeling different, knowing that his rages, mood swings and anxiety are not what other kids deal with on a daily basis. He often asks why me? Why am I like this? Why do I have these problems?  Why did GOD make me like this? All very difficult questions to answer.

MJC: You’re a married mom of two with two part-time jobs. How did you find the time to write this book?  What was the time line, from idea to publication?

Kim: I am embarrassed to say the story came very quickly. We were playing in the playroom, he had an “episode” of becoming overly upset, angry, raging over a very minor thing, our of frustration, then once he was calm he began asking, again, why am I like this? Why am I different? No one else has these problems, why are the other kids in class perfect? I had the whole story written in about 30 minutes. I have recently gone back and added some about the Tourettes, which surfaced after the book was written.

MJC: Congratulations on winning the Best Children’s Book for ages 6 and under, Reader Views Award for 2007 Annual Literary Awards.  How wonderful to win an award from the very readers you wanted to reach with this book. Can you tell us how your book was nominated and how you felt upon receiving the good news?

Kim: The publishing agent from Booksurge suggested I enter the contest, there are many categories you can enter in and I chose this particular category that targets the younger readers. It was fun to hear our book was picked.

MJC: No One is Perfect and YOU are a Great Kid is a children’s book to bring understanding and comfort to the children that read it.  Do you have any plans to write an adult book on this topic from a mom’s perspective?

Kim: I have thought about it, but if I write another book, and I already have the title (it’s a secret) it would be from the perspective of the sibling who lives with a brother or sister with a disability. My daughter has struggled to a great extent in her own life just living in a home that is so chaotic, being taken to as many as 5 doctor appointments a week with her brother, many hours in waiting rooms, many plans ruined because “he’s not stable”. The trauma of watching him throw things, cry, scream, hit himself, it has caused a very strained relationship between the two of them. He is a very loving, caring, HUGE hearted boy who wants so much for his sister to love him back, and at this time she is still very angry about her life, even though she knows these things are out of his control. It is tough on everyone.

Be sure to post your questions or comments for Kim before 12midnight Central Time for a chance at the random drawing to win her book!



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11 responses to “Kim Hix: Blog Tour & Book Giveaway!

  1. Jodi


    When you first wrote the book what were the reasons behind it? Was it for personal reasons, maybe just for your family? Or were you writing it because there was no other books about this?

  2. Kim

    It was personal, a gift to Zack . After the book was complete I decided to give copies to his docotrs, therapist, counselors and some school special ed teachers to use, in hopes some of the children they encounter could relate and feel comorted by his story. Zack alwasy felt like it wa just him, in this world alone suffering and he was the only kid having these struggles. I knew that was not the case, but assumed there had to be other kids feeling just like him, all alone, so we hoped the message could reach other kids and make them at least realize they are not alone.

  3. Liz

    What a wonderful gift to your family and other families to put this story on paper. I know as a child it was a huge help to me (and still is) to read stories that reflected my own experience. I am curious how both Zack and your daughter feel about the book?

  4. Thank you both, and thanks Kim for exposing this. I’d never really heard of it before. I applaud you for this, and hope the book will also serve to dispells any myths associated with this. I’m also thankful that the field of psychiatry has come so far. Years ago he would’ve been institutionalized.

  5. bronzeword

    I watch my son now that he is an adult. I can’t imagine how it must have been to watch your son suffer as a child. Writing this book is a wonderful way to deal with all that happened. Thank you for your openness.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  6. Jenni


    Thank you for revealing the struggles in your family with such a big heart. It’s obvious that your son gets his huge heart from being surrounded by so much love. Has your son found comfort in a support group of any kind? I’m also wondering if groups exist for siblings of kids with mental struggles.

    I’m curious to know how you found a publisher for your work. Once the book was conceived and completed, what were your next steps?

  7. Kim

    Thank you for your comment and question. The book is self published. I wanted it done and ready to read. At the time it was a gift to Zack, so I did not even seek a publishing agent. I would love to do that now, since I do own the copyright. I hope a agent or publisher can see the importance of the story , publish it on a larger scale for distribution to book stores so more kids will have the opportunity to read it.

  8. Michelle

    Hi Mary Jo and Kim,
    Thanks so much for your discussion on this fascinating topic. I had not heard of PANDAS before this interview and took a few minutes to look that up. It was the first I’d heard of an association between OCD/tics and strep – very interesting. Thanks for your insight :o). And congratulations on the book. What a great way to continue sending the message about acceptance of mental illnesses as real – especially in children.

  9. Flor

    a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roomate LOVE this Morn Creations Bag.

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