Read an ebook Week is coming!

Who doesn’t love FREE books?!  Read an ebook week is coming… and ebook publisher, Champagne Books, have partnered to give away 2 FREE ebooks during the week of March 08-14.

Click here for more info on how you can be reading “e’s” for free!



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3 responses to “Read an ebook Week is coming!

  1. Checking my own stats, I saw some traffic coming from your site. Thank you for posting this, we really do appreciate it.

    We want to make this one a lot of fun, and sign-ups are going great, but we really do appreciate the way this one’s making it’s way around the blogosphere.

    I’ll be sure to list you in the thank-you section of my eBook-week post next week.

    Trevas Walker

  2. Yes, pay it forward is a good idea. That’s actually what I’m trying to do with the eBookGuru site (give authors a little time in the spotlight).

    I’m glad you enjoyed Today’s Freelancer. I always thought I had written it too quickly, and didn’t edit well enough. But, it does tell a true story and the feedback I’ve gotten thus far has been positive.

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