Facebook for writing prompts

I’m Mary Jo Campbell, and I am a Facebookaholic.


Anyone else relate?  It first started as a way to view pics from a grade school friend who moved to LA and wouldn’t be at our reunion back in October. Well, unbeknowst to me, you need to create your own profile before you can “friend” someone, and then they need to “accept” your friend request before you can view their profile and their pictures.  So, after my friend Nicole from grade school, I begin by looking up my brothers and sister, then my sisters-in-law, then my co-workers, my cousins, my former co-workers, writing buddies, and so on.  Now I speak in the 3rd person even when I’m not updating my profile. (If you’re a facebooker, you get it.)

As one to never let a bad habit or addiction go to waste, I think Facebook offers plenty of writing prompts:

  1. Unusual flair on someone’s page can certainly give you a story idea or two (or at least a silly greeting card verse!)
  2. News that friends of friends post can alert you to the local happenings of their neighborhood – possibly giving you to a new angle on an old topic?
  3. Names and faces from your past could definitely conjure up an essay idea or two.
  4. Posting as your alter-ego is good practice for getting into your fictional characters’ minds…

What else can Facebook do you for you?



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6 responses to “Facebook for writing prompts

  1. Elise

    You are SO right, Mary Jo. I have spent more time on Facebook than with my family this past week. I am new to it and hope it will wear off…but it sure is addictive now. I love reading the status updates…those are great writing prompts. Just imagining what made someone post that sentence or fragment of a sentence…the possibilities are endless.

    So does this mean I can “research” on Facebook and count it towards my writing each day? : )

  2. yep–the newbie at our house is trying not to be hooked! I hear it wears off after awhile!

  3. I was also thinking the status updates could be used as prompts, dialogue or some great one-liners in your writing.

    I don’t know about including it as part of your daily writing though. 🙂

    To any Moms out there, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with your teens. Their status updates tend to be revealing about how they are feeling at the moment.

    • Yes, Kerrie, I agree! Facebook can prompt ideas, but it’s doubtful our wall posts will be published in a glossy somewhere! Great tip on keeping up with our kids’ statuses! Thanks for stopping by!

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