Lost Things…

I’d like to start a weekly post of “Lost Things.”  This could be an actual object that I lost or a feeling or experience or a person, whatever I deem worthy of talking about, really! ; )

Today is The Loss of Wonderment


I took this picture of my son, David when our family went for a nature hike this past summer. It was called BullFrog Lake, and for good reason. Every few feet where more little brown and /or green hoppers dancing between the damp blades of grass. I was the spotter, my husband was the catcher. David and Sam would switch off who got the next found frog to pluck into their mesh container.

Sam, who is 4, would giggle with glee at each new friend, eager with quantity of frogs and crickets vs quality. David, 9, would gaze at the amphibians with wonder, noticing their markings, texture and size and share with us  his knowledge of the creatures and their habitat.

When was the last time we as adults gazed in wonderment at something or someone? Can you remember a time of amazement, something you witnessed that touched you in such a way, it nestled down in your memory bank? Pluck it out now and write about it, or it will forever be lost…

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