2009: The Year of Zen

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”

James Allen

1864-1912, Author of As A Man Thinketh

As I mentioned before, I like to “name” my year prior to January 1, so I know what I’m planning and can prepare to receive it.  2008 was dubbed “The Year of Success.”  I achieved 7 out of my 10 main goals for 2008, proving that preplanning and commitment to the cause works! 

In case you’re curious, here were my accomplished goals of 2008:

Step 1. List your Top Goals for 2008 (at least 10)

1.      Get published on a regular basis. – DONE

2.      Finish my first draft of novel. – DONE (well, started and completed draft of a new novel)

3.      Begin my blog. – DONE, started 2

4.      Teach children’s writing group at library (summer ’08)and obtain PR to promote it. – DONE

5.      Reach my weight goal of 110lbs by March 26. – ugh, nope!

6.      Attend a writers’ conference. – signed up for online conference, attended 2 “classes”

7.      Conduct interviews for articles. – DONE

8.      Learn to play tennis. –No

9.      Buy a laptop. – DONE

10.  Go on a family vacation. – DONE


For 2009, my Year of Zen, I aim to reach a place of calm, simplicity and overall health: body, mind, spirit. No easy feat, I know, but I am determined.  Some of my goals include:


  1. Aeorbics 3x/wk; yoga or pilates 2x/wk to get toned and drop a dress size
  2. Limit fast food to once weekly
  3. Limit Starbucks (or similar) lattes to once monthly (yikes!)
  4. Download Tony Robbins Cd’s to ipod, listen daily
  5. Journal at least 5x/wk, i.e. gratitude journal
  6. Begin phase out of processed foods (one eliminated a month) and phase in organic eggs, meats and produce, (one added a month)
  7. Schedule monthly “girls’ nights”
  8. Look into company’s tuition reimbursement policy for BA college classes


  1. Focus: essays:  parenting (MOPS themes); ACOA living/recovery; Exec. Asst. experiences and how-to’s
  2. Focus: articles: on teaching young writers; volunteer organizations (interview SuperSibs, Wings!, etc.); money saving tips for families
  3. Focus: fiction: market research literary magazines; revise 3 short pieces & find a home; revise NaNo novel
  4. Focus: FroG classes: complete winter 09 and fall 09 classes, asking students for more input
  5. Focus: Girls’ club classes: contact Anne after holidays
  6. Focus: intern or partnership opp’s with 826CHI and/or W.I.T.S.
  7. Take Abby’s Personal Essays class (through Writers on the Rise)


These are rough; some still need to go through the S.M.A.R.T. filter.


Please share! I’d love to hear what you are labeling the Year of 2009!




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9 responses to “2009: The Year of Zen

  1. You go! Those are huge goals but, hey, you never will achieve big things unless you dream big. I like that about you.

    Happy Year of Zen–I hope it’s off to a centered start.

  2. Awesome! I love the detail behind your goals.
    Hmm…I will have to come up with something catchy for my year, maybe Year of the Get Invited to Cool Parties, hehe. I dunno. All a work in progress.

  3. You inspire me!! Those are great goals.

    I have yet to look at my NaNo novel, though editing that is my one big goal for 2009. There’s a part of me that’s afraid to look at it, I think!!

    Good luck!

    • Wow, thanks, Robyn! Your determination through NaNo was an inspiration to me. And I know you’ll push thru the revisions, as well. (But I agree with not being able to look at that first rough draft yet!) Good luck! Keep me posted

  4. Liz

    These are great. It’s huge to share your goals — they are much more vivid that way. I’ve also found that writing affirmative reminders helps me accomplish them (e.g., I am wearing a size XYZ dress and I feel wonderful and fit.).

  5. Hey, you go! I wish you lots of Zen moments this year. But one latte a month…you are a stronger woman than me! 🙂

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