Can you Bear it?

bear My little Sam has a best friend named Bear. He used to be Mr. Bear, now he’s just Bear. Everyone who knows Sam, knows Bear. They are BFF’s.  Whenever Sam is scared or excited or just sleepy, he has his Bear. He would doze off at night tucked snug with Bear, rubbing the soft worn tag on Bear’s behind to soothe himself to sleep.

But, lately, I’ve noticed Bear on the kitchen floor, or under the dining room table, or yikes! left at Grandma’s. And Sam is OK, oblivious that his BFF is MIA. And that hurts my heart. My little man is growing up. It’s the little things we see that open our eyes wider to the obvious. The baby talk stops, the chubby cheeks thin out, the knee scrapes are just knee scrapes and not shattering cracks in the Earth’s hemisphere.

Look at Bear. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, that soft, dirty yellow plush toy. His right pupil is rubbed off, the words on his tag worn away with love. His light red ribbon mouth is also thin and raveling.  But the memories he gives me bring my little baby Sam back. The things those two friends went through together; I could write volumes.

What object is sentimental to you or a loved one? How can holding or smelling or touching that object conjure up memories of past or stories for the future?

I’m hoping in the new year, I will write more about “Little Things” and how they inspire us all.



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4 responses to “Can you Bear it?

  1. Mary Jo…lovely post….time certainly does go fast. My oldest will be 14 next month and the youngest just turned 11 in December. My oldest for years loved her burb cloth…we tried switching them out to clean, but she always seemed to know it. We keep it in her hope chest for when she gets married some day…of course we cleaned it before storing it away…LOL.

    Warm regards,
    Donna McDine

    • Donna, Thank you! That is so funny about the burp cloth! When my dad was a baby, he used the burp cloth as his “blanket” but called it his “LaLa”, so when my first son was born, we continued the tradition! I think I saved a clean one, as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, this made me want to cry! I know how you feel I think. My little guy has a ‘beaw’ too and he loves that tattered and worn little thing. It’s so sweet. I know the days coming when he’ll wave ‘hasta la vista.’ Sniff, sniff. My older girls, long done with Raggedy Ann, now displays it on her shelf. Good writing content for sure.

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