The Lesson…

Winter Weather  lAnyone else spend an un-Godly amount of time in their car Tuesday night?  My usual 1 hour commute home from work was bordering on 3+ hours when I decided I wasn’t going to make it home.

  Instead, I called my little brother, Ken, who lived near my office and asked if he wanted a slumber party!  Weary, tense and desperate for a bathroom, I trudged up his snow covered steps. A warm hug greeted me and great food and conversation followed.

I would never have had this memorable evening with my brother, laughing over old family jokes, catching up on our current lives and future goals, if it hadn’t been for that horrible Chicago snowstorm.

“The Lesson: When you don’t get what you want, it means something bigger and better is right around the corner if you are willing to persist and turn that obstacle into an opportunity.” ~ Jill Koenig, Author, speaker

Are you blocked by an obstacle in your writing or personal life? How can you make it an opportunity?  We have a motto in my household to “Never Give Up!” It is not an easy creed to follow. But, by sometimes saying “to hell with it!” you can reach up and over those obstacles to an outcome you didn’t think possible.

Come read my success story over at the WriterMama blog today!

And share your obstacles and ways of overcoming them…

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