Getting in the Holiday Spirit!


I was all ready to post a “Holiday Gift Guide for Writers,” and found something I’d like to share first.

The days that are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa are usually filled with mobs at the mall, shrinking checkbooks and stressful gatherings.

Instead of getting caught up in the hoopla, why not give back? I’m not talking about money donations, though those are greatly appreciated by many non-profit organizations. This year, everyone is hurting financially. But, if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing much better than some who have no heat, no food in their pantry, no health insurance, etc.

From Chris Brogan’s site, I followed a link to Beth’s Blog and her wonderful post from yesterday. A “pay it forward” opportunity. Go to her site, read all about it. There are many links to organizations that you can help by donating used items or your time or talents, in lieu of your cash. And Beth will be selecting random bloggers to reward with a book, which after you read it, you are to “pay it forward” to someone else.

Go on, contribute! It’s a win-win. Even if you don’t “win” the book she’s offering, you’ll win a warm glow in your heart by offering your own suggestions, or picking up a few!

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