NaNoWriMo: Is anyone else writing crap?!

nanobannerlogo_bigger1Wow. I am thoroughly embarrassed by some of the drivel that is coming out of me at such great speed. I’m stuck. Paralyzed. I am at a point where my MC needs to have this deep discussion with her estranged mother and I just want to avoid the whole thing. Maybe because I can’t fully grasp the emotion behind it right now, or I’m uncertain the outcome.

I posted my dilemma on the NaNo forum and had some good responses: just describe the conversation’s highlights as it already took place; it’s what is said in silence that speaks volumes. Maybe since I put this scene off for days and haven’t written a word (for my novel) in two solid days, I need to warm up. Stop being a baby and making excuses and just start typing.

Continue the drivel to the end. At least I’ll be consistent. Geesh! Is this what it is really like to be a writer? A Novelist? No wonder we’re such a moody bunch!

Anyone else having a battle with your characters, plot or procrastination? I’d love to wallow with you!



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4 responses to “NaNoWriMo: Is anyone else writing crap?!

  1. Good morning–I stumbled across this site from your link to my Good Morning messages. Thanks for including my site in your “Inspirations for Life.”

    Anyway–here are a few ideas that I have heard over the years or used in my own fiction…

    1. Write the crap down: You can fix it later. Don’t expect perfection–my entire first draft of the novel I am working on was rather–hmmm… drivel-ish, but it gave me a starting point.

    2. Write something else: Skip around. Write something later in the book–write where you do feel emotion.

    3. I once heard Sue Grafton speak who has more bestsellers than I have years in my life and she said “Write two pages a day–no matter what.” Even if they are junk you have 730 pages at the end of a year. You can edit out the stuff you don’t need and repair the rest.

    Wishing you an unblocked week…
    Brook Noel
    best-selling author of The Change Your Life Challenge, Good Morning, and I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye

  2. Brook, wow! Thanks for visiting my site and for your great advice on stepping over my stumbling muse.
    I subscribe to your “Good Mornings” and they always resonate with me. You truely are an inspiration! ~ Mary Jo

  3. Tick tock… tick tock…. quit reading your blog you have writing to do 😉 50K by Sunday……..

  4. Ha-Ha! Touch’e! OK, back to work…

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