NaNoWriMo: Day ARghGhGHgh!!!

nanobannerlogo_biggerOK…level with me. Anyone else out in NaNo-Land loathing their novel so far?? I go between a super high to a lowly low and now I just think it is complete drivel; I’m embarrassed to have even my 9-year-old son read it. Maybe because his novel is superior to mine. Or at least his theme.

When I saved (for many moons) and purchased my laptop, I actually named her. Emma.

Well, Emma is where novel plots come to die! Anyone have a heart defibrillator? Not for my laptop…for me!



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One response to “NaNoWriMo: Day ARghGhGHgh!!!

  1. dianecurran

    I’m not loathing it, but there are definitely bits I don’t really like. But I just keep reminding myself that at this point, it’s all about getting the story down. I can always fix the actual words later.

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