Coolest writing software EVER!

Thanks to my Naperville Region NaNoWriMo’s wiki page, I linked to a wicked writing software site.  The download is free and it says you have a 14-day free trial, not sure the cost to buy, but I’m definitely  going to purchase this puppy.

StoryRight is a place to create and save characters, plot, subplot, themes, settings and chapters. This is PERFECT for NaNo’ers. Until last night at approximately 10pm, I was in a funk over the plot for my November Novel. I signed up on StoryRight and was immediately led through creating a Main Character, complete with her name, gender, physical description, wants, fears, etc.

I then proceeded to answer a one page questionnaire from her perspective and learned she is a bitter teen who longs for her absent mother’s love and approval. She’s also an avid water skier and housekeeper at her family’s lake resort. Wow! This interesting character was born and fledged into a real person with emotions and a  past and secrets lurking under the surface – all in a matter of about 20 minutes.

What’s cool about this software is the ability to create multiple stories and/or characters all in one site, yet each separated from the other. If you get a hankering for writing a setting, with no plot in mind – go there and just save it for later. Same with a character or theme. Each page you create has the ability to be saved as a Word doc. I’m sure there’s more this software can do, I just touched the surface last night.

This is the first writing software I’ve tried, I know there are many more.  Have you tried any? What are the pro’s and con’s?

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