“If you’ve lost touch with the rest of yourself, find it, and then reclaim or develop it. You’ll be amazed and delighted with the results.” ~ Unknown

What a weird and frustrating week! OK, forget that banks are collapsing and the debates are getting uglier, but on a personal level, I’ve been, well distracted.

At work, at home, at my desk, even in my sleep (or lack thereof.) Out of sorts, out of touch with myself. Ever feel like you’re floating above, or not even above, but within? I feel as if there is a wispy being just taking up space inside my head and heart. Call it stress. Being overtired. Overwhelmed. Over committed. Just over.

I was blessed enough today with a day off from my “day job” and able to go with my youngest son and my husband to the pumpkin patch. The sun was clear and gleaming, the fresh heavy scent of fall was in the air (along with cow dung, but, that comes with the territory of a petting zoo.) Yet, I still felt out of sync. Not able to fully engage in the weather or my family. Just there. Floating.

But I had to get my head on straight. I had previously set up an interview for 6pm to speak with the Young Writers Program Director at NANO for an article I’m writing. There was no way I was going to blow it. So, I pulled out my questions, had two pens handy, a bottle of water and made the call, despite my sour mood. Well, Tavia Stewart of YWP NANOWRIMO spoke with such enthusiasm and passion for her job and the cause that I completely forgot I was in a funk.

This spunky, yet extremely focused young woman, helped me to reconnect with myself. Just by making that human connection. We both love the written word and are nuts about getting young people to love it too. I had reclaimed ME. Thank you, Tavia.

Remember, fellow writers. This is what we do. It is who we are. When in doubt – write it out!!



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2 responses to ““If you’ve lost touch with the rest of yourself, find it, and then reclaim or develop it. You’ll be amazed and delighted with the results.” ~ Unknown

  1. Yea for you! You pushed through and were rewarded at the end! I tell my kids that all the time, its always those final few hours or minutes at the end that make winners! Looking forward to seeing the published interview!!


  2. Thanks, Luci. Yeah, that’s our family motto: Never Give Up! Easier said then done some days!

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