5 Prompt Friday!

Let your writing weekend begin!

  1. Write from your senses: all of them: start with a favorite visual: is it a photo, postcard, your lover’s dimple, view from your kitchen window? Go!
  2. Write from your sense of smell: clean laundry, fresh rain, sizzling food on a grill: choose a favorite, put it in a story. Go!
  3. Write from your sense of sound: children giggling, horses trotting, muffled stillness of a yard blanketed in snow: choose a favorite, find a character there. Go!
  4. Write from your sense of touch: sticking to a vinyl seat in a hot car, the prickly buzz-cut of your little brother, snuggling form of your body pillow: what’s your favorite? Can you write a poem or list of adjectives for later use? Go!
  5. Write from your sense of taste: bitter lemon after a burning shot of vodka, freshly brushed kiss of your lover, warm butter and salt dripping from a corn-on-the-cob: yummy! So many tastes, maybe there’s a taste which evokes special memories? Find the connection. Go!

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