Just another Manic Monday…

How long will I keep up the distractions? Facebook, blogging, surfing, checking and rechecking emails.

I need to write my novel.
I need to tell Georgie’s story. She’s growing up in my mind but not on the page and what will I do with her memories? Stuff them in a sinkhole?

Too many to-do lists, rules of organization, morning pages, meditation, books on how to and where to and when to, but I don’t.

My young students keep me motivated, well, maybe not motivated cause I’m still not writing, but they do give me hope that there are stories out there to be told. And they give me excitement and something to be accountable for. For them I need to be strong and brave and creative and to write. How can I teach them if I don’t practice what I teach?
My list of goals for last week was checked off on a steady pace, but I keep ignoring the elephant in the room – my novel. I decided to tell people – all people – anyone who would listen that I was writing a novel. That was last fall.  I think maybe I told too many people, had too much feedback, too many opinions that lingered and took up residence with the devil of an editor already living in my head! My rhythm was  interrupted  and now my writing is stagnant.

I must do that thing I think I can’t.


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