Alter Ego

Do you write from your true self, or your alter ego?

I’ve been surfing other writing blogs and author sites and go back and forth between envy and excitement. (see Amy Guth, Heather Armstrong AKA dooce, )

Envy because I wish I could be so bold to say what’s really on my mind, on any topic and still sound intelligent, hip and real. In high school, I always loved to watch the girls with the black nail polish, grunge wear, tattoos and piercings. They were dark and mysterious. Until I got to know them and saw that they were just like me: unsure, a little self conscious, bitter but funny.

I feel excitement when reading these blogs, because, you know what? I can be that. I am her already, she’s hiding under the “professional” assistant by day, “crafty” mom by night – but adventurous wildcat scratching on the inside. 

I realize this is true when I write my fiction: stories of an obsessed lover who keeps her dead boyfriend’s body in her apartment, a stoner girl who finds a fetus in a gas station toilet, a preteen who leaves her injured Catholic nun teacher on the floor.

My nonfiction is a bit more tame, soccer-mom style. But I never really liked soccer.

Guess I should start treading the dark waters of fiction again, eh?

Who’s your alter ego? Is she wild? Is he timid? Tell us!


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