Throw a Shoe

When I was younger, my dad would use this phrase to mean “play hooky.”  Ever hear this before?  Well, my dad is a character all his own, who has coined many phrases and nicknames.

So, yesterday, I threw a shoe.  After preschool “parent” orientation, I promised my husband I would spend quality time with him, no writing, no web surfing, no researching or reading.  It was nice, once I got my leg to stop bouncing from anxiety. When I don’t work on my craft, I become jittery and have separation anxiety.

But, sometimes we have to join the real world for a spell. Remember those people who live in our house, work in our office, invite us to family gatherings.

Nothing to report, however, on my month-long challenge. Does that make me a slacker?

Well, rested and reconnected to my man, I’m ready to conquer my writing goals of the day.

What about you? Need a break?  Then, throw a shoe!


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