Write Tight

I’ve written two rough drafts for the WOW (Women on Writing) Short Fiction Contest, deadline Aug 31. I’m not happy with either.

Why is writing short fiction, or flash fiction, so much more difficult than writing its longer cousin? Because the scene is a glimpse. The characters are full without fancy description. The dialogue is concise and propels the story forward at top speeds and comes to a surprising conclusion, hopefully leaving the reader stunned, spinning.

How do you do that? Practice. Lots of journaling and note taking on the “little things.” Write freely than hack the piece to little bits and select the most promising. Voila! Yeah, right. Writing “tight” is easier said than done.

I found C. Hope Clark’s downloaded ebook on my desktop: “Quick as a Flash” chock full of flash fiction writing tips from many experts, along with markets and contests for my writing (and yours!). I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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