August 25, 2008 (from Merriam-Webster.com)
\dih-LAP-uh-dayt\ verb
: *1 : to bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin
2 : to become decayed or…
When I’m feeling anxious about story ideas, I look up the “word of the day” at the Webster on-line site. (Have you been there? It provides translations, too!)
Today’s word, “dilapidate” hits a nerve.  I’ve been in this kind of sinkhole lately with my writing. All the joys, giggles and memories of the weekend have been sucked down into this pit.  Stored for later usage? Maybe. I have a rambling written list of experiences and memories to choose from, either as essay ideas or a springboard for a short fiction pieces.
Yet, I reamin stuck. Sunk. Just write! my brain screams. Pick a word and write it down, then continue a string of thoughts and associations. Well, I get about a page down (I like to free hand my drivel), and I’m stuck again. Sunk in this sinkhole.
There are many possibilities for this. My obsession with the new blog an dcreating one for my young writers’ group, as well.  The sunshine and end of summer beckoning me outdoors. The sad eyes of my four-year-old who claims we NEVER play to together!  But, today, I will place the blame on Stephenie Meyer. She authored the Twilight series, of which I’m on book two: New Moon.  It is an addiction, I’ll admit.  And I count the hours to my lunch break so I can go to the gym, crack open the book and get my fix. Ahh!
Maybe tonight my writing addiction will return. Until then, I’m content to read of Bella, Jacob and Edward.

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