5 Prompt Friday!!

I’m thinking, weekends are usually when I’m burnt out from my day job all week long. Creativity is at a low and my writing well is dry.

So, how about some writing prompts to kick us in gear for the weekend?

5 prompts to pump up your word count:

When writing with a specific character in mind:

1. What would your character do if…someone inappropriately came on to her/him?”

From: What Would Your Character Do? ~ Eric Maisel, PhD and Ann Maisel

2. “Write about the streets of your city.”

From: Writing Down the Bones ~ Natalie Goldberg

3. “Write a page in the first person, assuming the voice of someone the opposite gender. The main point is to completely lose yourself and become another.”

From What If? ~Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter

4. “Make a list of all your current of past hobbies.” (Good for an essay or nonfiction how-to article!)

From: Writer Mama ~ Christina Katz

5. “You picked up a hitchhiker.”

From: A Writer’s Book of Days ~ Judy Reeves

Ready, Set Write!


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