“Know that you yourself are a miracle.” ~ Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

On Saturday, my husband and I took our boys to the park.  After a half mile walk on the trail, we relaxed on a bench while the boys still had energy to burn.  Our four-year-old, Sam, is our adventure seeker.  Sam sought out the monkey bars and with much persistence pulled his little frame across the bars from one platform to the other. Of course, as he wiggled and kicked, the momentum would give and he’d fall to the wood chips.  But, again and again, he’d brush himself off and start over.  After the fifth attempt he made it across!  He exclaimed proudly, “I’m a miracle!” 

I think he meant “It’s a miracle,” but I responded anyway, “You are a miracle, baby!”

We are all miracles. We were all born with some special talent, be it a warm heart for volunteer work, an organized mind for assisting a business owner, or a creative nature that can show the rest of us the exquisite beauty in the norm.

You are a miracle. And your experiences are worth writing about. Pen a memory or two today.

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